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Orchid #1 Rubber Texture Mat for Polymer Clay

Orchid #1 Rubber Texture Mat for Polymer Clay

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Orchid Engraved Rubber texture mat.

Image Size: 70mm wide x 100mm tall.

If you would like a different size, feel free to message me for more details!

Before Use:
Use a scrap piece of clay before using. This helps you get used to the mat and allows any residue left from the engraving process to be removed. While we wash it before sending it out, it's better to be sure!

Also, be sure to roll your clay out thicker than you want it, as when you use this product, it will flatten your clay slab out some, especially depending on the amount of pressure you use.

How to Use:
Place the rubber mat on top of your clay slab, using your rolling pin to press it in. I like to go over it horizontally and vertically to get a good indention. Gently lift the rubber mat up and clean it with lukewarm water and a soft brush toothbrush. Store it flat in a safe dry place. Be sure to never let it come into contact with heat or flames.

Texture mats are cut by hand, so there may be slight differences in sizes or minor defects. We do our best to keep these to a minimum and they will never affect the image size.

Commercial Use Artwork by SandraHerrgott.


All Cutters are made with PLA Filament, a biodegradable material. It's safe for humans and the Earth!


Shipping is $5 on All Domestic orders OR FREE on Orders $35+.

Care Instructions

Clean clay cutters using a damp microfiber cloth. If the design is complex, use a cleaning pipe to softly remove debris. Dry immediately and store in a safe place.

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